for the Application
moveguard GmbH

Scope of application

These terms of use apply to the free version of the app (“free app”) and the version of the app which carries a charge (“premium app”) of moveguard GmbH. Due to the app being reliant on technology, particularly the use of the internet, interruptions and restricted access can occur. moveguard is not obliged to provide continuous availability and full use of the apps. moveguard is entitled to modify, e.g. extend the functionality of the apps at any time. moveguard will inform the user in advance in respect to fundamental modifications. The user is obliged to ensure, prior to the purchase of the premium app, whether his/her hardware and software allows for running the app. Regular updates to the mobile device of the user may be necessary.

Termination of Use

The user is entitled to terminate use at any time and without giving reasons. moveguard is entitled to terminate the contract for the use of a free app upon two weeks’ notice at any time. The right to termination for cause remains unaffected.

Right of Use

The apps are computer software protected by copyright; the user is granted a simple right to use the app. It is forbidden to modify, change, adapt or translate the apps, to compile derived works, to decompile or try in any other way to access the source code of the app (the provisions of §§ 69 d, e UrhG, however, remain unaffected). The user is not entitled to copy the apps, publish, distribute or hand them over to third parties, or sell, rent or commercially exploit them in any other way.

Liability of moveguard

Claims of the user stemming from a defect in the free version of moveguard are excluded unless moveguard maliciously concealed it. moveguard is liable for wilful intent, gross negligence, personal damages and circumstances covered by the Product Liability Act; beyond this, the liability of moveguard is excluded.

The statutory provisions apply in respect to the use of the premium app.

Data Protection

If data is collected from the user, moveguard will use this data solely for the operation of the app. The user is entitled to request information at any time in respect to the data collected and stored about him/her as well as to request the correction or deletion Of the same; in case that data is deleted, the use of the apps is, however, no longer possible.

In respect to the premium version, moveguard collects and uses the name, surname, email address, ZIP code and the country of residence of the user in order to enable the user to recreate his/her account and in order to inform the user about interesting news in respect to the moveguard products. The user is entitled to object to such data being collected and its use for marketing purposes at any time, via email to [email protected]

Modification of these Terms of Use

moveguard is entitled to communicate modifications of these terms of use two months prior to their planned entry into force via a message within the app or via email. The consent of the user is deemed present if the user fails to object to this communication prior to the planned entry into force of the modifications. moveguard will stress this imputed approval within the communication.