Experience a new world

of training with moveguard

 moveguard keeps you moving…

moveguard supports your training

Individual support and evaluation of your training sessions

Connection via Bluetooth

Connection of your chest strap to the app via Bluetooth 4.0

Health status

Determination of your health status

moveguard fitness plan
Customized training

Customized training on the basis of your personal vital parameters

Sport tracking

Tracking of speed, distance and route via GPS

Offline usage

Offline usage

 …with a fitness plan that adjusts to your individual needs 

Set up your fitness plan with your favourite endurance sports



You want to cycle instead of running? moveguard makes it possible. No matter whether you cycle outdoors or in the gym on an ergometer, your performance parameters are logged and evaluated afterwards. Stay flexible with moveguard and and train whenever and wherever you want.




Just put on your runners and start running. Running is one of few sports which don’t require much equipment, effort or time and has still an enormous training effect. So, for people with a full schedule and a stressfull lifestyle, in particular, running is the ideal endurance sport. 




Swimming is the ideal sport for those who want to protect their joints but still go to the limits. If you wish to lose weight, swimming should be your first choice. Because when you are swimming, all large muscle groups are used and that’s why many calories are burned.




You love running but your joints hurt after each workout? In this case, nordic walking is an excellent alternative as it is gentle on your joints and at the same time very effective. For when you do nordic walking your leg muscles as well as your arm and core muscles are strengthened.




Aquajogging is a great alternative to the other endurance sports. Besides it is just as exhausting and gentle to your joints as is swimming. The advantage of aquajogging is that no prior knowledge or technique is required. The movement resembles the running movement, whereas you “run” in deep water.


moveguard accompanies and supports you

Reach your goals with the moveguard fitness app

You want to reach a long-sought goal? moveguard helps you reach your personal objective. Just enter your training goal and moveguard creates an individual fitness plan for you. In this way you will surely achieve your personal goal.

moveguard sets up your individual training plan

Train with a customized fitness plan just for you. moveguard offers you an optimal training which can be easily modified by choosing your favourite sports – running, nordic walking, cycling, swimming or aqua jogging.

moveguard training companion fitness app

The training companion monitors your heart rate while you exercise. In this way you always train in your optimal intensity zone and achieve the best training effects without straining your heart unnecessarily. 

Evaluation of your training with moveguard

After each workout you receive an overview of the recorded parameters. And what’s more, you are able to compare single workouts with each other and monitor the progress of your training. 

A Fitness Coach on your Smartphone

   Find out how healthy and fit you are – the health status is calculated on the basis of scientific knowledge and the standard and limit values of the World Health Organization (WHO)

   Get a customized fitness plan with details on training time, training heart rate, distance, speed and route

   Have your training individually accompanied and get information on your training progress

   Stay on the move – use your training companion even if you are offline

   Have your training planed by the individual training companion

   Stay flexible – train whenever and wherever you want

   Get to know optimal training

Your start to a new world of training

To enjoy the advantages of the individual training companion, you just need to download the training app form the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

If you need help on your first steps to a new world of training, read the step-by-step tutorial to the training companion.