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Millions of people regularly run, because it is one of few sports which can be done with little equipment and without prior knowledge. For this reason everyone who owns a pair of runners can start running to improve their endurance. However, beginners and returners to the world of sport should keep in mind some points before they start running.

Bring a change in your training routine with aqua jogging

Aqua jogging is an alternative form of jogging. It provides an excellent possibility to create a more variable training schedule. It is not only used therapeutically after injuries, but also as supplementary training. Aqua jogging may be described as running in water und is very similar to the common running movement.

Telephone interview with Dr. Bettina Schaar on how to choose the right running shoes

Those who start running or walking do not think about the right equipment. They just put on a T-Shirt, running shorts and a pair of runners and off they go! But when they suffer from blistered feet and aching knees after the first run they become aware of the need of a good pair of runners!

Telephone interview with Dipl. sports scientist Sarah Thys on “Re-starting your training routine easily”

moveguard expert Sarah Thys provides you with helpful training tips on how to easily re-start your fitness plan.

Telephone interview with Dr. Bettina Schaar on “Exercising in the heat”

It’s summer – and it can get really hot. Our moveguard expert Dr. Bettina Schaar tells you everything you need to know about exercising in the heat.

The moveguard Fitness App helps to lose weightLose weight with the moveguard training companion

You want to lose weight? We show you how the moveguard training companion supports you on your way to a slimmer silhouette. Lose weight in the most effective manner and without any negative side-effects.

A TRAINING APP AS PERSONAL TRAINERA fitness app as personal trainer 

No matter whether you are an ambitious endurance athlete or a beginner, the moveguard experts have developed an app for customized training to get fit. The training companion functions as a personal trainer that plans a tailored training based on your needs.


It is a well-known fact that regular physical exercise is good for your health and helps to reduce risk factors. Some experts even say, exercise can prolong your life. However, the question is: how much exercise is actually good for your health? We will answer this question in this blog entry.

moveguard health check vital parametersTAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT YOUR VITAL PARAMETERS

After having filled out the moveguard health check you get information on your health status and on each vital parameter. In this article we provide you with detailed explanation on each vital parameter, so that you can figure out how healthy you are.