A healthy and balanced nutrition is an important step to a healthier life.
Our nutrition tips will help you to reach your goal.

Quench your thirst

Water is often described as elixir of life. For without water or liquids humans are not able to live. At high temperatures and during exhausting workouts we sweat a lot to cool down the body. moveguard tells you how much you need to drink to keep a cool head. 

Barbecue GuacamoleTelephone interview with moveguard Dipl. Oecotrophologist Anna on “A healthy barbecue”

It’s summer – barbecue time! But how is it possible to enjoy the barbecue without consuming too many calories?

Fats are not always bad

There are three types of fats contained in the food: saturated fat, essential fatty acids, and unsaturated fat. We tell you which type of fatty acid you need and which one you should avoid.

Healthy and balanced diet with moveguard

What is healthy and balanced diet?

Many people struggle with their weight. Due to too little or wrong knowledge about healthy and balanced nutrition and on the right nutritional behavior it is difficult for them to maintain their weight or to reduce it. With the help of the following tips you can question your eating habits and change them.