The key to successful training and healthy nutrition is motivation.
We give you tipps on how to stay motivated.

A SMART plan to reach your goals

If you want to reach a goal by all means, you often need to overcome some obstacles: loss of motivation, daily stress, lack of time, etc. moveguard tells you how you can overcome these obstacles effectively to reach your goals for sure. 

How to enjoy the summer holidays while being on a diet

Holidays in all-inclusive hotels, visits to restaurants, parties and invitations can turn out to be real challenges – particulary if you want to lose weight. We provide you with tips and tricks on how to lose weight even during your holidays, so that you do not come home with “additional weight”.

moveguard helps to keep good intentionsMOVEGUARD HELPS YOU KEEP YOUR GOOD INTENTIONS

At the beginning of the new year we often make resolutions which often include giving up smoking, doing more exercise, drinking less alcohol, losing weight and so on. moveguard helps you put those good intentions into practice.