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  • 6. October 2015

    The right Nordic walking training

    moveguard your nordic walking trainer
     The right Nordic walking trainingNordic walking is an excellent training for the whole body which can be done easily without much effort. It is for overweight people, in particular, very good as the Nordic walking sticks – also called poles – ease the stress on your joints. What is more, when done correctly you may […]
  • 5. October 2015

    Make your running training more effective

    Running training with moveguard
     Make your running training more effectiveMillions of people regularly run – in parks or in gyms. Nothing to be surprised about, because it is one of few sports which can be done with little equipment and without prior knowledge. For this reason everyone who owns a pair of runners can start running to improve their […]
  • 5. October 2015

    Bring a change in your training routine with aqua jogging

    Aquajogging training plan moveguard
     Bring a change in your training routine with aqua joggingAqua jogging is an alternative form of jogging. It provides an excellent possibility to create a more variable training schedule. It is not only used therapeutically after injuries, but also as supplementary training. Aqua jogging may be described as running in water und is very similar […]
  • 2. October 2015

    Why you should start doing Nordic walking

    Start Nordic walking with moveguard
     Why you should start doing Nordic walkingPeople often make fun of Nordic walkers who apparently just stroll around with sticks in their hands. People who do not do Nordic walking often question the training effect of Nordic walking. “Real” athletes rather leave their sticks at home and go for a jog. However, Prof. Dr. Bettina […]
  • 2. September 2015

    A SMART plan to reach your goals

    reach goals with moveguard - lose weight and get fit
     A smart plan to reach your goalsIf you want to reach a goal by all means, you often need to overcome some obstacles: loss of motivation, daily stress, lack of time, etc. We have asked several people how they motivate themselves to reach their goals: “Exercising or beer garden – How do you motivate yourself […]
  • 17. August 2015

    Quench your thirst

    Drink water at high temperatures
     Quench your thirstWater is often described as elixir of life. For without water or liquids humans are not able to live. At high temperatures and during exhausting workouts we sweat a lot to cool down the body. Hereby the body’s water balance becomes imbalanced. We are thirsty, get headache or feel dizzy. If you notice […]
  • 10. August 2015

    Enjoy your summer holidays without gaining weight

    Lose weight during your summer holidays
     Enjoy your summer holidays without gaining weightHolidays in all-inclusive hotels, visits to restaurants, parties and invitations can turn out to be real challenges – particulary if you want to lose weight. We provide you with tips and tricks on how to lose weight even during your holidays, so that you do not come home with […]
  • 31. July 2015

    How to redeem your voucher

    How to redeem your voucher in the moveguard fitness app
     How to reedeem your voucherIf you have a voucher fort he moveguard fitness app, you can reedem it in the app and then use the training plan for free.Download the moveguard training app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Playstore.Enter your vital parameters into the health check and press “Done”. You can change […]
  • 30. July 2015

    Telephone interview with Dr. Bettina Schaar on how to choose the right running shoes

    Die richtigen Schuhe zum Trainieren mit der Trainingsapp von moveguard
     Telephone interview with Dr. Bettina Schaar on how to choose the right running shoesThose who start running or walking do not think about the right equipment. They just put on a T-Shirt, running shorts and a pair of runners and off they go! But when they suffer from blistered feet and aching knees after the […]
  • 27. July 2015

    Fats are not always bad

    moveguard tells you which fats are healthy
     Fats are not always badThere are three types of fats contained in the food: saturated fat (in animal food like meat, sausage, milk, cheese, butter) essential fatty acids (e.g. in purslane, linseed oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, soya oil, walnut oil) and unsaturated fat (e.g. in avocadoes, olive oil, nuts, seeds).The consumption of essential fatty […]
  • 27. July 2015

    Telephone interview with Dipl. sports scientist Sarah Thys on “Re-starting your training routine easily”

    Easy start of your fitness plan with moveguard
     Telephone interview with Dipl. sports scientist Sarah Thys on “Re-starting your training routine easily”To athletes it’s an absurd question, but to beginners or returners this question is essential: “How do I start my fitness program?”. With these helpful tips and rules from the moveguard expert Sara Thys, it will be easy for you to re-start […]
  • 24. July 2015

    Telephone interview with moveguard Dipl. Oecotrophologist Anna on “A healthy barbecue”

    Barbecue with a Guacamole and tips from moveguard
     Telephone interview with moveguard Dipl. Oecotrophologist Anna on “A healthy barbecue”It’s summer – barbecue time! But how is it possible to enjoy the barbecue without consuming too many calories?moveguard:Usually, steaks and sausages are the most favorite foods for the barbecue. They are certainly very tasty, but are there healthier alternatives?Anna:In general, steaks and sausages are […]
  • 24. July 2015

    Telephone interview with Dr. Bettina Schaar on “Exercising in the heat”

    Exercising in the summer with a training plan by moveguard
     Telephone interview with Dr. Bettina Schaar on “Exercising in the heat”moveguard:Good morning Mrs. Dr. Schaar. High temperatures of more than 30° C are not optimal to exercise. What do athletes have to keep in mind?Dr. Bettina Schaar:Even if it’s already commonly known – I still want to repeat it: drink, drink, drink! Drink water regularly […]
  • 9. July 2015

    What is a healthy and balanced diet?

    Healthy and balanced diet with moveguard
     What is healthy and balanced diet?Many people struggle with their weight. Due to too little or wrong knowledge about healthy and balanced nutrition and on the right nutritional behavior it is difficult for them to maintain their weight or to reduce it. With the help of the following tips you can question your eating habits […]
  • 3. June 2015

    Tutorial to the training companion

    Tutorial to the moveguard fitness plan
     TUTORIAL TO THE TRAINING COMPANIONThe data is saved exclusively on your smartphone – moveguard has no access to your data and to the evaluation of your health status. Only you decide whom you wish to show your results to. You have to complete a one-off registration, where an active email address is saved as your […]
  • 3. June 2015

    Tutorial to the health check

    Tutorial Health Check
     TUTORIAL TO THE HEALTH CHECKThe data is stored on your smartphone – moveguard has no access to your data or your evaluation. Only you decide whom you want to show the results to.Step 1 – Download the appDownload the health check app from the Google Playstore (Android smartphone) or the App Store (iPhone) for free.Step […]
  • 11. May 2015

    Sport and diet to lose weight

    Lose weight with the moveguard training plan
    SPORT AND DIET TO LOSE WEIGHTIn their meta-analysis on the most effective ways to lose weight Schaar, Moos-Thiele and Platen (2010)discovered that a combination of exercise and diet shows the best results. They compared the results of thirteen studies on overweight and obese subjects who underwent treatment consisting of physical exercise and/or changes in diet.Source: […]
  • 30. April 2015

    Lose weight with the moveguard training companion

    The moveguard Fitness App helps you lose weight
     Lose weight with the moveguard training companionWhen doing sports, more calories are burned than when being inactive. The amount of calories burned during the day depends on the individual constitution of each person. If you want to lose weight, the body fat should be reduced, whereas the muscle percentage should be increased so that more […]
  • 30. April 2015

    Moveguard helps you keep your good intentions

    moveguard helps you keep good intentions
     MOVEGUARD HELPS YOU KEEP YOUR GOOD INTENTIONSAt the beginning of the new year we often make resolutions which often include giving up smoking, doing more exercise, drinking less alcohol, losing weight and so on. This usually starts off very well and successfully, but then as the months go by the good intentions cannot be kept […]
  • 30. April 2015

    A training app as personal trainer?

    A fitness app as personal trainer
     A TRAINING APP AS PERSONAL TRAINERNo matter whether you are an ambitious endurance athlete or a beginner, the moveguard experts have developed an app for customized training to get fit. The training companion functions as a personal trainer that plans a tailored training based on your needs and accompanies you on your way to a […]
  • 30. April 2015

    Get fit with endurance sports and the training companion

    Get fit with the moveguard training plan
     GET FIT WITH ENDURANCE SPORTS AND THE TRAINING COMPANIONIt is a well-known fact that regular physical exercise is good for your health and helps to reduce risk factors. Some experts even say, exercise can prolong your life. However, the question is: how much exercise is actually good for your health? Too much sport is damaging, […]
  • 30. April 2015

    Take a closer look at your vital parameters

    moveguard health check vital parameters
     TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT YOUR VITAL PARAMETERSAfter having filled out the moveguard health check you get information on your health status and on each vital parameter. In this article we provide you with detailed explanation on each vital parameter, so that you can figure out how healthy you are.Body-Mass-Index (BMI in kg/m²)If you open […]
  • 30. April 2015

    Who can use moveguard?

     WHO CAN USE MOVEGUARD?The health checkThe health check is for those who want to know how healthy and fit they are. Each vital sign is analyzed and evaluated. In this way you know if e.g. you suffer from a high blood pressure and why you should change something.The meaning of training for your healthIf you […]
  • 30. April 2015

    Technical requirements for the training companion

    Technical requirements for the moveguard fitness app
     TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE TRAINING COMPANIONFor the usage of the training companion by moveguard you just need a smartphone. All android and iOs smartphones are supported – all conventional Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Apple smartphone models can use moveguard. The training app sets up a fitness plan and is able to log your training. For […]
  • 30. April 2015

    How to measure your vital parameters

    Health check how to measure vital parameters
     HOW TO MEASURE YOUR VITAL PARAMETERSHere we show you how to measure your vital parameters.Body height (in cm)Stand upright against a vertical wall with your feet flat on the ground.Use a measuring tape to measure your height – from the ground to the highest point of your head.Body weight (in kg)Stand on a scale on […]